Android : Mi recomendación para ir al cine a ver de Michel Franco ganadora del premio del jurado en

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iPhone : #Cannes2017 のElleちゃん 本当に本当に可愛い〜💓 ドレスも素敵(*^^*)✨✨

Android : Robert Pattinson interview with GoldenNews #Cannes2017

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Twitter Ads : “Sensationally fun.” Sofia Coppola’s smash hit of #Cannes2017 is now playing in NY/LA, expanding next Friday.…

Android : "Stunning, seductive, savage." Don’t miss Sofia Coppola’s smash hit of #Cannes2017, now playing in select theaters… : Read Stephen King's 1982 Review that Saved 'The Evil Dead' - Bloody Disgusting!…