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iPhone : And we back

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iPhone : what the hell would i be, without you? 🌹 dodie

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iPhone : divinity // may 2017

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iPhone : I beat Chance the mf Rapper in rock paper scissors & then he said he liked my nails yo today is a good day lmao !!!

iPhone : its easy to feel down bc of bad things people say but remember that there are ppl who love you for being yourself n thats important !!!

iPhone : grew my crops, cleared my skin, fed my starving children, and cured my diseases best song of 2017…

iPhone : i found my boy on the west coast, i love him and i know that he knows ;) thx sexy ieu ! 💙 i am content! :D

iPhone : my online store will be open within the next few days !!! Merch 4 everyone !!! Finally yo hell yeah !!!!

iPhone : me n jack r gonna see TØP in Ohio and at the Firefly music festival in June and i only know one song LOL pls send suggestions !!!