iPhone : Minneapolis is partying like it's 1999 to celebrate #Prince one year later at First Avenue

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iPhone : プリンスへのありがとう プリンスからの返事を見て笑ってるようだ(இдஇ; )

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Google : #Prince Is Dead At 57 #Prince dlvr.it/Nyj58C goo.gl/fb/7SWHBA

iPhone : "Sacred is the prayer that asks for nothing, while seeking to give thanks for every breath we take..." #Prince Love that part.

iPad : "Hold Up" might be the one or "Don't Play Yourself" since it's inspired by #Prince. Y'all know I love #Prince https://t.co/QmKa8dUIyG

SocialNewsDesk : In memory of #Prince, watch Morris Day and The Time's touching performance of 'Over The Rainbow.' 965tic.cbslocal.com/2017/04/21/mor…

Twitter for BlackBerry : First Ave's street party provides a 'benediction' to #Prince memorials | Star Tribune m.startribune.com/first-ave-s-st…

Android : PRNFamily®) 's Twitter Profile">PRNFamily® My friends there r having a great time celebrating amazing memories of #Prince with u. Dont feed the haters! PRNFamily®) 's Twitter Profile">PRNFamily® #Prince