iPhone : This week Tomi Lahren lost her job, Donald Trump is losing millions and his healthcare plan flopped

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iPhone : when you find out Tomi Lahren got suspended from her job and Trump is being investigated by the FBI

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iPhone : FBI investigating Trump, Tomi Lahren suspended from her job, Mariah is still irrelevant, spring is looking good https://t.co/t4OC47FP6m

Twitter Web Client : Conservative media star Tomi Lahren was suspended after revealing that she's pro-choice bit.ly/2nlrh2F https://t.co/KBeD0evhGH

iPhone : Trump is officially under criminal investigation by the FBI, Tomi Lahren got suspended from her job, & Rockefeller… https://t.co/R2dADbMYLa

iPhone : conservatives: "liberals are SO unaccepting of ppl w different opinions" *tomi lahren is pro-choice* conservatives:https://t.co/Z4P26tfCL3

iPhone : Tomi Lahren said all dat racist shit then got suspended from her show for sayin she pro-choice lmaooooo what da hell kinda country is dis

Android : Tomi Lahren got suspended from her job and Donald Trump is being investigated by the FBI. What a great start to Spr… https://t.co/voltoprsLx

Twitter Web Client : Tomi Lahren, 2016: The Blaze doesn’t silence people they disagree with. Tomi Lahren, 2017: Well, actually… (By… https://t.co/s9Czu30Sdf

iPhone : 2017 headlines be like: Tomi Lahren: White Supremacist Bully Or Secret Intersectional Feminist Hero?

iPad : Think about it: Tomi Lahren’s at 14 minutes and 59 seconds of fame - Salon.com salon.com/2017/03/24/thi…

Mobile Web (M5) : What happened to the baby face Tomi lahren? Come on brah Glenn Beck we been waiting to hear from her,I am sending word to the elders quorum

Mobile Web (M5) : Me now that Republicans fucked up healthcare, the FBI announced they're investigating Trump, and Tomi Lahren got su… https://t.co/swKYZqshAJ