iPhone : Here is the first teaser for big Hollywood movie THE DISASTER ARTIST!!!!!!!

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Android : Tommy Wiseau Likes "The Disaster Artist"?? via UNpopularCulture) 's Twitter Profile">UNpopularCulture youtu.be/08VCBvPV9qs

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SocialFlow : Tommy Wiseau approves of The Disaster Artist '99.9 percent,' says James Franco share.ew.com/AY5vZ2G

SocialFlow : How The Disaster Artist director James Franco fell in love with The Room share.ew.com/1J2Dvf6

TweetDeck : ”The disaster artist”, storia di un film di merda che potrebbe vincere l’Oscar linkiesta.it/it/article/201…

Android : charles The Disaster Artist (AKA James Franco dressing up as Tommy Wiseau for Halloween) doesn't look all that fu… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…

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Google : Tommy Wiseau Likes "The Disaster Artist"?? James Franco must have acted so HARD. youtu.be/08VCBvPV9qs?a

Android : the most unexpected part of The Disaster Artist for me is the obvious mutual respect and even friendship between Greg and Tommy Wiseau

Android : My most hyped movie's for the rest of the year- 1. IT 2. The Disaster Artist 3. Blade Runner 2049 4. Star Wars 8