Buffer : mom: u need get out more me: can I go out? mom: ALL U DO IS GO OUT!!!! U NEED TO HANGOUT WITH UR FAMILY me:

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iPhone : Prepare to get laid tonight! Check it out >> goo.gl/ykw99v?Ea218

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Twitter Lite : SiM vs Crossfaith GET IT OUT 宇宙一好きな曲です!!!!

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iPhone : A prairie dog too fat to get out of its hole

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iPhone : "How to get out of the Friendzone" Entire video ➡️ facebook.com/LaPageDeWilAim…

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Twitter Web Client : Light Spring pants that will make you go out on Monday in a good mood😉 Get them with 10% Off. Code: SpringTime https://t.co/FZO2vYs63z

Android : If you get thrown out of a stadium, at least you can say you've celebrated a banger with the Chelsea squad. https://t.co/SOvQe5zode

iPhone : Max Missing the start of the season?! If you want any defensive tips for your Coaching let me know, we… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…

iPhone : Can't really get anything positive out of that game, last two games we've might as just not have bothered

Twitter for Windows : this morning, I struggled to get out of bed bc i got tired of blending garlic the night before (ahwow)

iPhone : bukan sombong. pemalu. i am such a shy person. i dont talk much. but once u get to know me, i can be crazy. i can be out of control😂🤘

Instagram : Good morning everyone!! Im heading out to get a ton of vintage jewelry if its still avaliable… instagram.com/p/BTg4qOBF4UB/

Android : "deep" 😂😂😂 if you don't get your middle school love story all the wayyyy out of here twitter.com/rapohoiics/sta…

IFTTT : 1xRUN: A little sunday funday pattern from ellenrutt! Get out and check out the awesome muralsinthemarket murals i… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…

Twitter Lite : GOP Congresspeople haven't called 45 out on Emoluments, etc, because they plan to do it and get away with it themse… https://t.co/FRmQqgnyCX

Facebook : Morning all doing my Sunday hanging out..need to get my butt i. Gear.. and do something.

iPhone : Nothing worse than people responding to your drunk calls/text the next morning. I dont mean it no more. Get out.