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Twitter Lite : when the dragon keep being the tank to protect her lady from any harm Please take care of dragon

Twitter Lite : I was at my friend's place and we played tetris puyo and bomber man omg it was so much fun!!! considering buying them! 🤔🤔

Twitter Lite : I summoned 12 times...and got caeda and severa /sob 😭😭😭😭😭

Twitter Lite : Never in my life have i seen anything worse than the new ben 10's animation, Its so bad you can see his shadow as he jumps.

Twitter Lite : 【カード紹介】悠久の時を超えて生きる美しき女性…そう、その名はチキ。彼女はかつてナーガが住んでいたという「神竜の大地」で、失った力を取り戻そうとします。絶望の未来を止めるために…人々が生きる世界を共に守るために。(Illust:藤ちょこ) #Fecipher

Twitter Lite : anyone who thinks ike is straight has either: a) not played por or rd b) is trying really hard