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Buffer : I feel so attacked the way he's looking into the camera please STOP

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Buffer : if a guy ever looked at me like this.... πŸ˜πŸ˜›

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Buffer : When you lose right before beating your high score on 16 Squares

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Buffer : I've watched Greys so many times I think I'm basically a surgical resident at this point push one of epi

Buffer : sleeping in an oversized hoodie seems like a good idea until u wake up at 2am and it feels like you’re taking a bath with satan

Buffer : I pray my daughter is a daddy's girl and my son is a mommas boy and that they forever see what love is through my husband and I

Buffer : I feel myself changing. I dont laugh the same anymore, i dont smile the same, or talk the same. Im just so tired of everything, mentally.

Buffer : boys need to work on keeping their Instagram up to date with good pics. I can't show my mom some pic of a fish you caught 120 weeks ago

Buffer : high school is so full of temporary people who cares what they have to say or think about you..they mean nothing their opinion means nothing

Buffer : I love when someone figures out the small things that you like by paying such close attention to u instead of u having to tell them

Buffer : have you ever been in one of those moods where you don't really know whats wrong but you feel really irritated with everyone and everything

Buffer : I hope you find $20 dollars today, I hope the person you adore texts you and I hope the situation you worry about favors you in the end

Buffer : If my son brings different girls to the house too close together I'm purposely calling them by the wrong name