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Buffer : for anyone that says "cheerleading isn't a sport" look at this amazing routine 😍😍

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Buffer : This will make your ovaries release a bunch of eggs

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Buffer : look at these kittens trying to share a bowl 😭😭

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Buffer : i can't believe phoebe buffay invented calling guys daddy

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Buffer : if u ask me to go to the park and just swing on swings with u there is 98% chance i will say yes and swing for 5 hours do not test me

Buffer : cant wait to be married and to come home after a long day and curl up next to my favorite person in the whole world and fall asleep

Buffer : date a girl who says things like β€’ drive safe β€’ text me when youre home safe β€’ ravioli ravioli give me the formuoli β€’ i can't wait to see u

Buffer : Your mom ever just walk in your room and all your siblings follow and you end up just having a fucking family party in your room?

Buffer : Being in a relationship is about getting a large fry when u wanted a small cuz ur gf is gonna eat em even tho she said she didn't want any

Buffer : when ur bra & panties match & u stand in front of the mirror like damnnn baby girl who da fuck is yooouuu lol

Buffer : why doesnt someone show up at my bedroom window with pizza n chocolate dipped strawberries bc troy bolton did so step up ur game guys

Buffer : s/o to the boyfriends who love their girlfriends unconditionally while she’s still learning to love herself. y'all are appreciated and rare