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iPhone : Mom: so if Beyoncé jumps off a clif… Me:

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iPhone : This lady ostrich could NOT care less about the ridiculous mating dance going on right in front of her.

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iPhone : Preach sis🙏🏾

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iPhone : Nigerians....take people take notes.

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iPhone : *Toxic comes on in public* Friend: don't Friend: please Me:

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iPhone : how are people raised???? can y'all be responsible parents and teach ya kid some gotdamn manners???

Twitter Web Client : arfaeh;fauhiri;auh;auf;hucarfae;rf;efrhafha;fuh;arhfah;fhufharhu;fhauhrafufhuuhfahufharuhf;auhf;auha;rfhacf cant wait to sleep for 2 days x

iPhone : I think ppl are more forgiving towards men who are problematic yes but in this case it's like bruh u can't call ppl sand niggas lmfao

iPhone : ppl should stop comparing Kanye to azealia banks as if Kanye out here tweeting racist & homphobic shit like azealia

iPhone : starting my day off watching Dave chappelle's new stand up show I'm fucking screaming