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iPhone : Why won't my relatable Facebook content go viral

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iPhone : Is full of letters? "I wrote you 365 letters. One for every day I tormented you. It wasn't over. It still isn't over." -A.D.

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iPhone : Great news! My drivers side door no longer opens from the outside OR inside. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ITS SO FUN

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iPhone : sry HGTV but u have nothing on these literal CHILDREN who beautifully designed and renovated an abandoned train

iPhone : When you have a tweet go viral but the tweet involves Tomi Lahren :/…

iPhone : You think 2017 is wild?! Well in 2004 Jesse McCartney and Zac Efron were in a tv show together and Jesse McCartney had the bigger role!

iPhone : "Okay I really need to start being productive!" *Proceeds to read an article about where people from MTV's My Super Sweet Sixteen are now."