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Kai Ninomiya

Bio Graphics programmer, WebGL in Chrome. @Penn grad.


I (used to) tweet mostly-joke game ideas at @silicatenictate.

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Android : Bounding sphere vs. Oriented Bounding Box for culling terrain by Kai Ninomiya. http://t.co/6jCHxBId5E

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Android : Blog post about official WebGL 2.0 shipment in Chromium! https://t.co/0ZGS1ggGBZ Thanks to all who helped reach this major milestone.

Android : Games are great and all but WebGL/WebVR is some of the most exciting and foundational stuff going on in VR right now. I regret missing this. https://t.co/OlNqdt55ew

Android : The Web is reaching new milestones as a platform for games. Find us at to see the latest in web games: https://t.co/gfltmyWzle

Android : WebGL 2.0 Specification Finalized and Shipping – Work on Next Generation WebGL Underway! https://t.co/I7Kn9nX7RP