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Bio Pantastic🎀👑🦋 5'2 of pure salt, empathy, and chicken nuggets
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iPhone : ~do re mi fa so fuckin done with u~ blackbear

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iPhone : what in slow motion

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iPhone : panic is this friday, you know what that means? deleting every app on my phone to have storage👍

iPhone : don't let 1 lil thing fuck up ur day. regardless of how big it seems at the time, it's not. ur still breathing. ur still alive. let it go.

iPhone : Is consensual manslaughter a thing? Like ya I killed this dude but he asked for like literally here r the signed legal documents

iPhone : "sorry" vs "I'm sorry" "night" vs "goodnight" "bye" vs "goodbye" "love you" vs "i love you" all have two different meanings

iPhone : I'm an empath, which means I can't really deal with fuckshit. Also bad haircuts hurt my feelings. In addition, your virgin energy is tiring.