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iPhone : When you DM her & she says she has a man but you don't give a fuck

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iPhone : If I got a dollar every time someone said "you don't look your age".

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iPhone : When I got to the second FRQ

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iPhone : happy birthday to my favorite human :') i hope 19 treats u amazing i love you and i hope for all the best in your future endeavors 💗1️⃣9️⃣🎉🤓

iPhone : college kids: bbb has a ton of comforter sets 50% + you can use a 20% off coupon 🤘🏽🎉

iPhone : i'm not sayin i'm better or worse than anyone, but you'll never find someone the same as me

iPhone : can't tell if everything is getting stupider or if we've reached a plateau of stupidity so stupid that it still feels like it's moving

iPhone : Too many relationships lack depth these days. I'd rather spend eternity looking for the right one than settling for an available no one.

iPhone : summer weather is super cool until you remember you gotta debate if going outside to do anything is worth working up ur body weight in sweat

iPhone : "don't take her for granted" life is precious and nobody should be taken for granted !!!! twitter.com/sodamntrue/sta…