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Bio Computer programmer by trade. Graphics focused by desire and coincidence. Working on WebGL and the Chrome browser.
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Twitter Lite : daydream-controller.js no longer has drift thanks to Croquet! 🎉

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Android : Impressive experience for FedEx

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Android : Google Maps is amazing. Incredibly detailed 3D photogrammetry

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Android : A Week of A-Frame 52. That makes one year of weekly A-Frame roundups! 📅

Android : I'm porting to and it's good stuff

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Twitter Lite : Engine v0.211 is out with more 2 goodness! Smoother PCF shadows, HDR rendering and more. #opensource #gamedev

Twitter Lite : Fell down another rabbit hole writing this new WebGL-ish article 😅

Twitter Lite : Wondering how was done? We did everything in-browser using ✌️🤓 Play with it here:

Twitter Lite : achievement unlocked: write a WebGL2 bug-repro-script which makes it into the Khronos conformance test suite ;)

Twitter Lite : WebGL Webinar video now online

Twitter Lite : If you've been looking for a 3d modeler for the iPad I don't think there's a better option than threejs's editor