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Janetter Pro for Android : UK’s artificial intelligence lead under threat, warns Royal Society https://t.co/NhKMiAgqle

Janetter Pro for Android : Make Mars Livable with Asteroids: Researchers Propose Terraforming Plan https://t.co/tmUq3VL7nU

Janetter Pro for Android : Lack of Oxygen Not a Showstopper For Life https://t.co/gxQRRvnidy

Janetter Pro for Android : Theresa May: "We want to lead the world in preventing tourism".

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Janetter Pro for Android : Drinkers tried to crack open a beer keg with explosive consequences https://t.co/91bUueLj3y

Janetter Pro for Android : YPG commanders and Coalition representatives visited Karachox where Turkish airstrikes hit last night

Janetter Pro for Android : Police arrest two members of paedophile hunting group https://t.co/6aC5GYowHs

Janetter Pro for Android : Sir Elton John cancels gigs after contracting 'deadly infection' https://t.co/NK98pW5YpD

Janetter Pro for Android : Vikings made use of extensive river systems in the East to reach markets of the Byzantine Empire & Islamic Caliphate https://t.co/eomzFRv47Y https://t.co/T859kj8cFm

Janetter Pro for Android : 5.2 earthquake, 282km NNW of Scott Island Bank, Antarctica. 2017-04-26 09:20:27 at epicenter (22m ago, depth 10km). https://t.co/51XzBz1Sxs

Janetter Pro for Android : Labour is to announce that 'undervalued, overworked and underpaid' NHS workers will get a pay rise if the party wins the general election

Janetter Pro for Android : Building on the success of sequencing DNA in space, Genes in Space-3 aims to sequence & identify unknown organisms: https://t.co/6Woptrsp2m https://t.co/g5Ec1F6oAS

Janetter Pro for Android : Tories ignored police requests to hand over internal bullying report following suicide of party activist https://t.co/rQaBQCp4Hb

Janetter Pro for Android : Bold. Sturgeon suggests Theresa May called the election before alleged Tory election fraud in 2015 could catch up with her. https://t.co/H0SRikIO34