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Janetter Pro for Android : Tonight on KMTV: Armed police patrol Kent towns and man treated for smoke inhalation after house fire https://t.co/3Wt7uXqXtE https://t.co/6juCFbtF5Y

Janetter Pro for Android : Father of the Manchester bomber has been arrested by security forces in Libya https://t.co/EYr6O8jjvI

Janetter Pro for Android : 'A Cunny is the deerest Peice of Flesh in the World!' John Garfield, author of "The Wandering Whore" (1660)

Janetter Pro for Android : Operation Tempura, coating the UK in a light batter of fear, then asking us to jump back into the Tory frying pan.

Janetter Pro for Android : Facebook and YouTube face tough new laws on extremist and explicit video https://t.co/NgYYOvELE3

Janetter Pro for Android : Man 'carrying package in Wigan' arrested in connection with Manchester attack https://t.co/R7hBsqNaEM https://t.co/PVA5Ew7xE4

Janetter Pro for Android : In 2015 Theresa May accused the Police Federation of scaremongering. Less than 2 years later we have soldiers patrolling Downing St. #GE2017 https://t.co/vrfyqjJI1z

Janetter Pro for Android : Police Federation: We wouldn’t need soldiers on the streets if the Government stopped police cuts https://t.co/Y7sNMZt5Bt via @psbook

Janetter Pro for Android : Stop scaremongering and prepare for further cuts, Theresa May tells police https://t.co/WRB3PyWGJM