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Bio the inner machinations of my mind are an enigma - patrick star.
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iPhone : The only time our general area is ever mention is when someone dies…

iPhone : Don't talk shit on me to my best friend and expect me to not know about it. Not your smartest move, Einstein.

iPhone : Ever see someone walk out of class and instantly start vaping you think "yep. Makes sense"

iPhone : Guys don't like girls that aren't crazy. They get bored if they don't have someone to fight with and to bitch about.

iPhone : One of those nights where I just want to let my phone die and disappear for a while.

iPhone : On the outside I look like I'm okay. But what nobody else knows is that there's a rock in my shoe and it hurts.

iPhone : Hungry, sick, exhausted, stressed. But hey at least my homeworks done. ....