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Bio Muslim-Palestinian-Refugee. I'm going to be an Anthropologist and free Palestine someday. Leftist 🏳️‍🌈🇵🇸. #FreePalestine #BlackLivesMatter
Lokasyon Chicago, Palestinian diaspora
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iPhone : She's my icon

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iPhone : I'm not paying back my student loans. Education should be free. Throw my ass in jail, I don't give a fuck

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iPhone : Make sure you take note of all Arab leaders attending Trump's meeting in Saudi Arabia. They're bourgeoise trash that we need to eliminate

iPhone : A REMINDER contrary to popular opinion, WE PUERTO RICANS do not fuck around when it comes time to fight for liberation 👇🏾🇵🇷👇🏾🇵🇷👇🏾

iPhone : Hillary Clinton lost to a fascist because neoliberals will always lose to, even whitewashed history books can show u that.

iPhone : A lot of stuff said about her during her campaign were absolutely sexist but liberals want sexism to be the reason she lost so bad, bye af

iPhone : Y'all want this to be about gender SO bad when the reality is that Hillary lost because of her politics and history…