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iPhone : Me: Huh? I didn't re-register for PTI membership?? Where'd this come from? Dad: Me: Dad: I did it for you πŸ‘€

iPhone : Man Like Beard. Lool. Ok, it was a GREAT joke. I'm actually only so hostile because I wish I came up with it myself :/

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iPhone : Tahir Abass HAPPY BIRTHDAY FAM. You're officially like proper old now. Sorry.

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iPhone : If my drawing of a jacket doesn't make you want to download Draw Something, then YA A LOST CAUSE. *spits at you*

iPhone : I don't often catch feelings like these. But this time it's bad and 😫😰😭 I just want more but I can't have more and 😭

iPhone : As a teacher it is my duty to inform the public that after 7 Tory years schools are on their knees. Your child's education is at stake.

iPhone : Arfah So long as there's some time for self care too, it's a fruitful way to live. Insha'Allah your trip will be awesome and you won't feel lonely

iPhone : Arfah I actually work in Leeds in a Business Sales and Operations role with Corporate Partners at O2. 😬 So like Carphone Warehouse Business etc