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Bio I have a dodgy hip & my neck is also messed up. Save lives pretty much everyday.
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iPhone : BEST. LESSON. EVER. Via Samuel Grubbs

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iPhone : Decided to test my child out to see what kinda person he is. Glad to know I raised him right.

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iPhone : Anas how old are you? How do anon get stronger arms than you? (Should really ask me as I have stronger arms)

iPhone : Shazzy (non alcoholic beverage)

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iPhone : Old man still batting & notched up 60. Great knock. Celebrated in typica Luton fashion

iPhone : Glow-in-the-dark water in Tasmania will make you feel like you’re on another planet

iPhone : New favourite ad Berocca Chameleon dancing to Panjabi MC - Be More Berocca Ad : Berocca…

iPhone : Tuesday tomorrow. Ugh. Which means gym after a week. Ugh. But until then my dads cake needs devouring. Ugh

iPhone : Kind request. I have RSI currently in my thumb so be patient for my replies, if you can't be patient, refrain from tweeting me. Thank you.

iPhone : Bhmed badlands main character is a king fu master so the transition is better. They beat out everything into fighting in the Defenders