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Bio Chrome WebVR/WebGL developer at Google. According to Joystiq I'm the downfall of modern civilization!
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Twitter Lite : When you're over your polygon budget but allowed to use all the texture/shader mem.

Twitter Lite : Funco Pop: we can even make characters that look like one of our figurines to begin with ugly and creepy!

Twitter Lite : Kearwood Gilbert 3D printed Zoetrope. It's the only reasonable answer.

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Twitter Lite : If you have a Samsung S8 or S8+, you've now got a Daydream-ready phone. Updates rolling out now.

Twitter Lite : This controller has some of the best haptics I've felt to date! (Similar to old Force Feedback sticks) Hope they can productize it.

Twitter Lite : Lots of interest in AR.js tutorial session at SIGGRAPH! Hooray for AR on the web!

Twitter Lite : Tech conference expo floors are increasingly turning into a collection of VR aquariums.

Twitter Lite : Krittaphat Ah, I see. No, we don't have that yet because to date it's a single-vendor thing. Hard to release web standards based on one implementation.

Twitter Lite : ColinNorthway Like that this clip shows the player getting hit w/ shells a few times. Spinning the cart but not the view is an interesting solution.

Twitter Lite : šŸ¤³ 1. Hold up your iPhone ā†’ 2. Find your festival friends ā†’ 3. Rock on šŸ¤Ÿ Courtesy of ARKit šŸ’– Demo = Neon by @mrdavidurbina šŸ¦„

Twitter Lite : "I really wish someone would stop him" wearily sighed the men uniquely empowered by the constitution to stop him, episode 39.

Twitter Lite : > vbsp ProcessBlock_Thread: 0...1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10 (0) **** leaked **** Entity light (-12.34 -56.78 -91.01) leaked!ā€¦