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Bio Chrome WebVR/WebGL developer at Google. According to Joystiq I'm the downfall of modern civilization!
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Twitter Web Client : How accurate are the HTC VIVE and the Trackers? This accurate.

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Android : Reasons I love VR: tell 4yo "point at the robots" and he instantly knows how to play Xortex. Never would work with a gamepad.

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Android : Remember that time Obama demanded that the ACA be renamed to better honor his legacy? Weird, I don't either.…

Android : I'm always amused by natural phenomena that you couldn't reproduce realistically in CGI because it looks so fake to begin with.

Twitter Lite : Casey Yee This! Most of the time 360 panos feel "meh" but it's cool when it's something you took or otherwise have a personal connection to.

Twitter Lite : Perhaps I can interest them is some exciting new technology: frustum culled audio! As you can see from this gif...…

Twitter Lite : 4) No Night Theme. And I'm pretty certain there's no technical limitation preventing any of those. Otherwise it's been great to use!

Twitter Lite : 1) It doesn't keep my spot in the feed. 2) Tapping notifications doesn't actually take me to the message in question 3) Can't dismiss ads

Twitter Lite : For the most part I've enjoyed using the Twitter Lite PWA, but there's a few omissions/issues that I find confusing.