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Android : My spring-summer reading lineup. No one buy me or let me borrow any books until further notice 👌🙏

Android : Comey: "I'm not made of steel so I might need a quick break"

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Android : How tomi lahren got suspended for being pro choice but not for all the racist comments she made?

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Android : Mom in front of me in the drive-thru just stared at me in her side rear mirror and maintained eye contact for 4 minutes.

Android : Texans. It is now LEGAL for your doctors to LIE to you about the medical conditions of your fetus. Don't sleep on t…

Android : Cart full of feminine hygiene products for the local shelter: guaranteed way to make passers-by hilariously uncomfo……

Android : 52 years ago today, I joined Dr King, Rev Abernathy, and more than 3000 people to begin the march from Selma to Mon…