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Buffer : How Far I'll Go. Moana is seriously my fave

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Buffer : When you realize she REALLY FLIPS IT AND REVERSE IT!!!

Buffer : *googles a character from series i havent finished, "death" shows up in the autofill*

Buffer : "You are blocked from following this account and viewing their tweets"

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iPhone : I was on the edge of my seat the entire time wondering who was gonna get the parking spot

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Buffer : me playing all the songs at 3am that make me depressed

Buffer : When you're trying to do right and get your life in order and the universe keeps throwing L after L at you

iPhone : When you're in the middle of an exam and the teacher is explaining something to someone

Buffer : me up at 4am: tomorrow I'm gonna wake up early, eating healthier, be more active, drink more water, run for 45mins……

Buffer : paris hilton once said "If somebody ever asks u to do something, do it really bad so you never have to do it again” this has never failed me

Buffer : me: i'm gonna improve myself! I'm really gonna change for the better! today is my day i'm starting over fresh! a ne……

Buffer : OITNB: everything is different... the second time around *gate slam* and youuuu've got time Me: AND YOUUUUUU'VE GO……

Buffer : I hate when someone turns my music down in the car to speak.. u think your convo is more important than this absolute banger... get out

iPhone : PSA: It's getting hot and close to Summer so beware of all the snakes out there. Here's some examples of what to lo……

Buffer : i'm here for a good time not a long time…

Buffer : *riding in car with student athlete* me: BRAKE you're gonna crash!! student athlete: Break?🤣There are no breaks😤👊…